• Daryl Dixon Season 2 will premiere September 29th. See promotional materials and more TWD Spoilers---Daryl Dixon
  • The Boys Season 4 premiered June 13th, and it was announced the upcoming Season 5 will be the last. TV Shows---Scifi/fantasy---The Boys
  • The Last Of Us Season 2 will be released in 2025, it will be 7 episodes long, Season 3 is expected to be much longer. TV Shows---The Last Of Us
  • Futurama season 2 trailer posted, Comedy
  • Netflix's The Decameron teaser posted; premieres July 25th. Ready for a wine-soaked sex romp in the Italian countryside while avoiding the Black Death? TV Shows, Drama
  • ‘Sweet Tooth’ Creator Jim Mickle on the Final Season, filming & his favorite hybrid. TV Shows, SciFi, Horror & Fantasy
  • NBC canceled the Quantum Leap reboot after 2 seasons. TV Shows, SciFi
  • House Of The Dragon officially renewed for a third season
  • Share what TV shows you have recently seen, and see others comments in TV Shows---General TV Discussion
  • A full-length feature film of Peaky Blinders goes into production later in 2024. TV Shows, Comedy.
  • Cooper Hoffman, David Jonsson In Talks To Lead Lionsgate’s Feature Take Of Stephen King’s ‘The Long Walk, Films, Horror
  • Walking Dead: Dead City. See Filming photos for Season 2 in TWD Spoilers
  • Stranger Things final season filming spoilers in Stranger Things board



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